A Night of Treats

I’ve said it before, but healthy living is soooo much easier when you have some one to do it with you! I always read about Julie and Ryan going to the gym together and running marathons. They are so supportive of each others fitness goals and its something I long to have in my relationship with Barry.

Staying healthy… together.


Barry and I began our morning with our first workout together! Coincidentally, I wore my Air Force shirt and he, his Army.  I was seriously put to shame when I saw how much quicker he was than I! We set small checkpoints to sprint to in between walking. As we ran to one checkpoint, I thought I was doing great and keeping pace. That is, until a certain someone sped past me… As I began to fade out, the Army Sergeant in Barry came out. “Push it! Finish strong! Push it!” Having that encouragement, and couples competition is so motivational!

We made it to our destination, went to the grocery store, and walked home. All together, we finished about 2.5 miles. I’m proud of that for our first outing together, but my physical conditioning pales compared to Barry’s.

We got home, brewed some coffee, shared a banana, and hit the road for some more errands. While out, we stopped by Subway for a quick lunch before my doctors appointment. Barry got a super yummy hoagie, but without much of an appetite, but knowing I needed to give my body nourishment, I ate an apple pack.

The doctors appointment went better than expected. (I’ll fill you in more in an upcoming post.) After an afternoon of errands, we headed back home for a snack and shower. Soon enough, I didn’t know where the afternoon went! “Are you getting hungry?” Barry asked. Oh man, its 5 o’clock, already!


Tonight, was a real treat, as Barry wanted to cook me dinner! He made jalapeno chicken alfredo! It was delicious! If I had another bag of shirataki noodles, I would have gone back for seconds! While Barry whipped up dinner, I set the table with a cucumber salad and garlic toast.

This treat was followed by another treat: a trip to Woodside Creamery! September is the start of their long awaited fall flavors. Barry and I could not wait to try the Pumpkin Ice Cream, but when we found out they had Pumpkin Pecan, there was no stopping us from ordering it on a salted pretzel cone!


Oh. My. Goodness!

I’ve never had ice cream blow my mind before. Barry and I was in utter utopia. It was like someone whirled a pumpkin pie into ice cream and touched it with a dash of “Woah Baby!”

We All Scream!

Today, I had a plan.

I’ve actually been looking forward to this plan for a few days now.

Yesterday, was National Ice Cream Day, at least that’s what I have written down in my planner. Any way, since I was working and could not properly celebrate, I decided a few days ago that I would celebrate on Monday with the good stuff… the fresh stuff… the homemade stuff… the Woodside Farm Creamery stuff!


The forecast called for a gloomy day, but I didn’t care. As long as I had a hot coffee and some delicious ridiculously amazing ice cream, I was a happy camper.

Barry and I stayed in until about 1130am, when we headed out to Brew Ha Ha! I wanted him to try my favorite drink, so I preceded to order him “a tall and skinny brew ha ha latte” and “a short sugar free white chocolate latte” for myself. We spent the next hour walking up and down Main Street, Newark, moseying in and out stores.


We met dad at Woodside around 130pm. I spent the first few minutes sampling flavors. They have so many flavors its hard to choose! They have a bunch of flavors that are always there, then they have flip flop flavors which pop up throughout the season, and lastly, they have the one and done flavors! These are killer! These flavors are once a summer and you never know when or what it will be.


Last night, I kept staring at their menu trying to decide which ones to sample and which to get, and which ones I was going to try to coerce Barry into getting so I could try, and which toppings. Oh, and do I want a cone or a cup, or a cone cup?

I love this place! I make it a point to go at least once  a summer! Even last year, during the height of my eating disorder, I made sure to go. I took like 3 bites, but I still made the effort to go! Its sad, but I wish I could eat here everyday! My dad made a point to acknowledge that I finished first. He attributes it to me not having it very often, but I’d like to think its because I had less than them… the latter probably isn’t true, but it makes me feel better.

WP_003581 WP_003582


Barry got a scoop of Black Raspberry and a scoop of Dirt (chocolate with crushed oreos and gummy worms) in a cone bowl. After sampling about 5 flavors, I decided on half a scoop of the NSA Black Raspberry and the Peanut Butter & Jelly, with my favorite ice cream topping of wet walnuts and a coffee! What a yummy combination! Dad got the One- And-Done flavor of Jamaican Me Crazy (coconut ice cream with swirls of caramel and loaded with chocolate chips). I suggested dad get a pretzel cone to go with a salted caramel take on the treat. We all thoroughly enjoyed our time at the farm and we sat outside, despite the clouds, at one of the many picnic tables. I kept staring at the cows thinking, wow, you make good ice cream!


After departing and a quick trip to the grocery store, I headed home. By this time, it was dinner time and Frank and I split a can of Reduced Sodium Chicken Gumbo. It was pretty fantastic! Way to go, Progresso! It was probably one of the best Progresso soups I’ve had. While eating this delicious cup of soup, Barry called me. Hes been my hawk eye online checking to see any news from my NCLEX exam.


I guess the status changed because he called to tell me the news and I actually hung up on him from screaming and jumping up and down! With all these endorphines flowing, I got my butt to Zumba! The class went by incredibly fast! After class, some girls approached me and recommended I take the instructor course! What a compliment! Especially from strangers. I guess I’m doing something right.

Mom’s letting a very old family friend stay with us for a few days who has been having some personal issues. I came home to a my mom and her walking in the house with plastic bags and a box, yes, a box, of food! They had returned WP_003585 (1)home with chicken parm, pasta, meatballs, sausage, antipasto, brownies, and kind sized candy bars! Are you kidding me??

I downed 2 bottles of water in an effort to remind my body I was not hungry. I picked at the cherry tomatoes and romaine from the side salad, but I found myself sinking back into the old Chew and Spit routine of biting a piece of chocolate and then spitting it out, just to feel like I had it. I gathered myself and thought of the best thing for a non-hungry, eating disorder recoverer to have. I took my own cue from a few nights ago and popped a 100 calorie bag of popcorn and topped it with a Splenda packet and cinnamon.

I headed to bed  frustrated that I ate more that I wanted to, today, but proud that I chose a smart snack. All I can say is TGFZ!

Thank God for Zumba!