People Are Alike All Over

Health Bloggers are all alike. The other day, I stated that mom and I took a trip to The Fresh Market. I talked about their many coffees and their addicting White Chocolate Crunch. Well what do you know? The next day, Julie posted that she went to The Fresh Market and was snacking on this decadent snack mix, too!

Similarly, besides our fanatic addictions to nut butters, we both share a snacking problem. I love that I am able to look at other health and fitness blogs, Julie especially, to see that I’m not alone when it comes to overeating, or trying to manage school, a job, and fitness.

I’m glad I remembered about the this post. Like, I said, night shift gets tricky, especially when it comes to food. Last night was no WP_000922different and I ate more than I should have. I thought a nice start would be to enjoy my new Biscolinos and Mocha Mint coffee… It went down hill from there. I began to feel guilty, and I remembered that I bookmarked this page on my phone. I know I’m not alone; and it helps even more when I know others are in similar situations.

Last night I ate a combination of random things. The thing I was most excited to eat, though, was the Vitalicious breakfast sandwiches! I was surprised by how colorful the egg was with veggies! They offer two preparation suggestions: 1) microwave, or 2) toaster and microwave. Loving some toasted english muffins, I toasted the bread before I went to work. When I was ready to eat I just microwaved and enjoyed the cheesy result.



Cheesy half

Cheesy half

All in all, it was a good night at work.. ya know, besides eating so much. After job #1, I went to job #2. Before I had any clinical experience, I was an Administrative Assistant for a family business. I still help them out from time to time, especially since I helped design some of the systems that are currently in place at the company.

Then I knew I needed to get into a good mood and get some energy to power through this day, so I completed a new circuit I found: Julie’s Super Fast, Super Sweaty Circuit Workout! Boy, it most definitely was sweaty! With each circuit, I switched things up a bit with the planks to challenge me. Round one was a simple low plank, Round two was a low plank with knee taps to the floor, and Round three was alternating low to high planks with knee taps on the low ones. This workout was quickly followed by a shower! It also did the trick to get me in my good… SMILES all around!

A few pointers for completing this circuit:

  • planks- keep your abs tight and back straight
  • planks- breath
  • reverse lunge to front kick- kick through your heel (this gets more difficult as you progress in the workout)
  • reverse lunge to front kick- keep abs tight and shoulders down and back to keep balance and engage core

The rest of the day, will be alternating between lectures (which out me to sleep) and circuits (which wake me up).

* For all you nerds who think today’s title sounds familiar… its the name of a Twilight Zone episode  🙂

Birthday and Bananas

I’m a bargain shopper. One of my favorite places in the grocery store is the discount rack. I found a bunch of banana for 95 cents! They still looked good so I got them.


Some discounted and very ripe bananas

Bananas are an awesome fruit, so versatile! I can eat them as is, slice them in my cereal, oats, or yogurt….

But Sammy, you can’t possibly eat all of those before they go bad. What ever will you do?
I’ll tell ya! With super ripe bananas, I can make a mean healthy banana bread (recipe will be posted once baked), or freeze them! I love freezing bananas! You can throw those babies in your oatmeal using Katie’s melted banana trick, or slice them up and dip it in Nutella, or my favorite…. SMOOTHIE/PROTEIN SHAKES!!! (You had to have seen that one coming!)

I fell asleep early last night. The beauty of going to bed early in how well rested you feel when you wake up. Unfortunately, in my case, I may have fallen asleep a little too early, as I woke up at 0300.
This morning wasn’t so much breakfast, as much as it was a hodgepodge of various foods, including a Vitalicious Sugar Free Banana Nut Muffin.


I realize that I can have a food plan, as I did this morning, but as soon as I question my plan, or overthink it, thats when things go arye (as in binge). BOO! I was disappointed and crunched on time before work, so I started my car and went for the shortest and coldest run ever (around the block lol). I needed to feel like I did something to counteract my actions.
Back to bananas…
Can you guess what lunch was today? Chobani’s new flip cup yogurt! “What goes best with bananas?” I asked myself. “Duh! Peanut Butter and Chocolate!” So to compliment my already favorite yogurt flavor, I added Multigrain Peanut Butter Cheerios and Fiber One’s new 80 cal Chocolate squares!


After work today, I danced around the house with my mom. Sometimes the best workouts are ones that I just make up and dance around the house!
I then met up with my family at Immediato’s Bistro to celebrate my Uncle’s Birthday at his favorite restaurant  Wow! Food! Delicious! Click here to check it out!


Me and Uncle Eddie


The Birthday Boy!