I’m a Nurse, but what do I know?

I a so tired of having an upset stomach! I left work early last night around 3am. When I arrive home I snacked on bread and pretzel sticks in the hopes of absorbing any acid that could be irritating my stomach. For the past few days, saltines and diet ginger ale have been m best friends. But its just unnatural for this to be a diet for 3 days straight.


I curled in bed and had the hardest time falling asleep. I finally fell asleep in the fetal position, with my behind up in the air and my face in the pillow, around 5:15am, I believe. I slept until about 9am and enjoyed a small fuji apple. In fact, the apple hit the spot so well I ate another for dessert later in the night. After my apple, I whipped up a bunch of shakes! For Frank and James, a filling Banana and Nutella shake for their fishing trip; for dad, a Cherry Cheesecake Shake for is drive to work!

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I walked down to the Dunkin Donuts for Customer Appreciation Day, and got a free medium iced coffee. It was just what I needed to start the sunny day! With a little caffeine and an apple in my belly, I was motivated to start my day! I went for about a 3mile walk to the store to pick up a few items. On the shopping list was PopTarts. I never buy PopTarts, but a little birdie, named Barry, told me about the new ones filled with peanut butter. Did you really think I could resist this?


They were great! My one problem with PopTarts, not just this particular flavor, but all of them: the CALORIES! 200 calories per pastry. Hello! There are two pastries per pack! Do think people only eat one? PopTarts are delicious! Come on! Nonetheless, both of the Chocolate Peanut Butter PopTarts found their way into my stomach throughout the day.

To off set the sugars, I snagged the last BBQ chicken thigh left over from the guys dinner last night, shredded it up, and tossed it with roasted bell peppers and cauliflower.


Midway through the day, the stomach aches started back up. Before I knew it, I was back to the saltines. In the last two days, I’ve eaten two sleeves of saltines! Oh yeah, then I got sick. Yay. :/

After lying on the couch for a little bit, a craving hit me that I had last night: a calzone, panzarotti, or stromboli. I just wanted something related to pizza, but not pizza. I think its because everyone on Facebook keeps talking about the Festa (the Italian Festival) around the corner from my house. I mentioned it to Frank, and a small ham and spinach calzone arrived about 45minutes later. We split it four ways, and my stomach felt mysteriously better.


Wait a second…. saltine and ginger ale = stomach ache. Cheese, ham, dough, and grease= feel better?

Hmmm…. Interesting… I’m a nurse, but what do I know???

Belly Aches

Have you ever given yourself a stomach ache?

Last night was so much fun reuniting with some of my friends. We went out for Indian food and then headed to the bar. I am not a big drinker, but since im on vacation and with my girlfriends, I figured ‘What the heck?’

We went to Billy Berks Cocktail Bar. Kristin ordered an X-Rated Martini, while I went with a Mango Mojito. YUM!

WP_001954                             WP_001955

Then Kristin talked me into what’s called a Chocolate Cake Shot. I’ve never had this before, but it really did taste like chocolate!


We continued some shenanigans and when I woke up this morning, I began to feel some anxiety about I’ll of the calories I took in last night.

I met up with some friends for breakfast at the hotel buffet, then walked with my advisor to Bijan Bakery. I grabbed a few cookies to try and ate two delicious chocolate cookies filled with chopped nits. On my walk back to hotel, I began to feel even more stressed about the calories, that by the time I reached the hotel, I worked up quite a stomach ache. So much so, I got sick.

My dad keeps reminding me that I am on vacation and shouldn’t stress about a few days of splurging. During this trip, I have done very well with choosing healthy options for my meals.

I don’t typically drink because I feel like I’m wasting calories, and I feel like my splurging is catching up.

It takes 3500 calories to gain a pound. It take me 300 calories over my typically daily allotment to have an anxiety attack. Sad, isn’t it?

After getting sick, I decided that I couldn’t let this rule my day. I called my parents to talk things through, to settle me down, and look forward to the rest of the day.

The convention, for me, today, began with the 4th General Session, consisting of a C4 speech and International Officer candidate speeches. C4 stands for Community College Completion Corp working toward encouraging all college student complete their degrees! Edit the past few years, this has been a major platform for Phi Theta Kappa, and Dr. Rod Risley, the Executive Director, the big cheese of headquarters delivers a speech. This year he had a great speech about engaging faculty and staff in the effort as well as students.


“Be the change you wish to see to see in the world,” says Gandhi.  We are all committed to complete our degree, help others complete their degrees, and to continue to make PTK even better!

Following some recognitions  were the candidate speeches. This was difficult because two of my friends from my region are running for Division I International Vice President.

I met up with my girlfriends after this, at their hotel and utilized the hot tub! Following this, I went to the gym in my hotel. I was tired and still nursing my stomach ache, but I wanted to feel like I had done something, anything.