Does eHarmony Really Work?

So, after a long-term relationship, I let lose a bit. I decided that instead of moping, I was going to be confident and put myself out there. Well, I did. I attracted trouble. Trouble that I willingly accepted.


Reflecting on that time, I now know it was because of insecurities, once again- the complete opposite of what I wanted to embody.

I had accepted any guy into my life because I wasn’t sure if I would ever get a relationship, again.

Who wants to deal with this mess of a mind? The eating disorders? The emotional roller coaster? Who would willingly subject themselves to that sort of punishment?

After a bad break-up (your typical cheating, lying, bad boy), I wanted to give up. I stayed in bed all day, cried myself to sleep, and only woke to pee, grab a drink, or because my sleeping pill wore off. I did a little google-ing, one day, and decided to give eHarmony a shot.

Straight up– that’s how I’m playing this.

I followed the prompts to set up my profile, but I made sure to lay it all out there. This is me. Take it or Bye, boy, bye.

I wound up on and off the site for a few months. I met nice guys, but never felt the “spark.” I went on two second dates, but that’s it. I found a lot of guys that where just like the users I could find down the road.  I found a few really wonderful guys, but there was always something missing.

Fuck it!

I threw my hands up.

When my subscription is up, I’m done.

Two weeks before my subscription expired, I was still checking my matches in the slight chance, with the minute bit of hope that remained in me, of someone being “the one.”

12/31/15- This guy seems interesting… travels a lot… Osan? Where is Osan? (South Korea, by the way)… military nerd… looks damn good in a suit… I’ll send him a “smile.” 

That “smile” was returned back to me with the initial conversation prompts eHarmony provides. We quickly exchanged questions and responses, likes and dislikes, until it was time to actually send a message to each other.

This dude was so inquisitive. He asked a million questions. Like paragraphs. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.

Is he weird or just really interested? 

His curiosity caused me to be curious, too. We wound up sending paragraphs of conversation to each other, questioning everything from favorites foods and superheros, to family, religion, and card games…

In the first week, we transitioned from eHarmony messages to WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. And then Skype.

Everyday, we communicated. When we started Skyping, it was hours. Hours every night. Sometimes, not even talking. Each of us doing our own thing, just in the presence of the other.

Three weeks into exchanging messages and videos, I went and got a passport. Six weeks in, I applied for financial aid and re-enrolled on school to work on my next degree.

What was it about this guy that made me so… motivated?

April 2016- Mr. Military came back to the states on leave. His dad and great grandparents happen to live within 2 hours from me. Well, we met. I felt like a crazy person going to pick this guy I had never met in person before up from the airport.

This is insane in the membrane!

But there he was like. Like a bullshit scene in a romantic comedy, he dropped his bags at the terminal and swiftly walked up to me to hug me.

Well, he’s real… (I poked him just to make sure.)

We spent 3 1/2 weeks meeting each other’s families, and me showing him around Philly, introducing him to cheesesteaks and scrapple, local creameries, and some cool historic sites and Italian markets!


To be honest, I would’ve married him. We joked continuously about driving to Atlantic City.

See, I told I was crazy…

I know I wear my heart on my sleeve, but this is excessive…

When he left, it felt like my heart had been crushed. It was like a physical separation without an actual break up, but with all the same excruciating pain.

August 2016- My first international flight. My first flight ever was Philly to Seattle. Go big or go home, I figured. If I’m going to fly, I might as well fly across the country. Well, if I’m going to take my first international flight, it might as well be on the opposite side of the world.

Together, we were able to buy the tickets. I left Philly 6:30am headed for an 8hr layover in Detroit. (Did I mention I was running on 2hrs of sleep?)

Next was the 13hr flight to Incheon Airport. I was so surprised that I got meals on the flight. And guess what… I ate all of them! Rice and all! (Stupid carbs. Why must you taste so good?)

I got my passport stamped, grabbed my luggage, and there he was in humid South Korea, flowers in hand, and wearing a big smile and his favorite Yoda shirt.

I spent 10 days playing house, cooking up a storm, experiencing a new culture, taking in some of the sites, and being introduced to his friends.

I already eluded to it in a previous post, but something else happened while I was in Osan… he asked me to marry him. (More about that, later).

We started talking about his new base and our future and decided a civil ceremony on his next leave to the US would be the smartest decision. (There is a lot involved when your get married and are overseas.)

Did I mention that his next leave was the following month?

Surprise, folks! Sammy Bundo got married!

So, yeah… I knew I loved this guy a month into talking with him. “You just know.” That’s what people tell you. “You just know.” What the hell does that even mean? How do you know ‘you just know’???

I was overwhelmed with this new feeling. I had loved before, but this was just different. I can’t really explain it any other way. My grandmother, my mom’s mom… she knew “it,” too, with my grandfather. She described it perfectly, “An inner peace.”

You know how they say, “There’s someone out there for everyone?” Well, my guy was in Osan, South Korea. The other side of the world.

It took a lot of users and abusers to realize what I really wanted in a life partner.All the hurt and heartache led me where I needed to go.

Don’t give up hope.

Jury Duty

Today I reported for Jury Duty. This was my first time ever reporting. Not really knowing what to expect, I ate a yogurt with chia before heading over to the court house. Every so often we were allowed a break. Thank goodness there was a Dunkin Donuts in the building. The coffee was much need to stay awake and to take off the chill. But seriously, all I ate for the remainder of the day was the darn peanut butter crackers from the vending machines! I couldn’t wait to get home to eat real food.

After eight hours of sitting in a chair and studying for the NCLEX, I was finally called for a trial, which I wound up being excused  for since I had work during the days the trial was to take place. Shortly after returning to the holding room, where the rest of the potential jurors were, we were allowed to go. I called dad and told him to get his but over the the house for dinner. I couldn’t wait to eat legitimate food!

Bacon Tuna MeltWP_002546

1 5oz can tuna fish

2 generous Tbsp Walden Farms Creamy Bacon Ranch dressing

1/4 medium onion, chopped

2 stalks celery, chopped

1 Tbsp real bacon bits, plus more for later

Mix all the ingredients together. Spray a skillet with non stick cooking spray. Place the bread on the hot skillet over medium high heat. Spoon half the tuna mixture in the skillet and allow the tuna to warm. Occasionally flip the tuna the ensure it all warms. Flip the bread over and place the tuna over the browned side of the bread. Top the tuna with a slice of cheese, if you’d like, and  the other browned slice. Continue to flip the sandwich until the sides are toasty.

WP_002553 WP_002555

Dad had his with fat free pepper jack cheese, while I went open faced with fat free mozzarella. I served it with a handful of crunchy baby carrots! (I love crunchy veggies!)

Dessert was raspberries and cottage cheese, sprinkled with Chocolate PB2.


After sitting for 8 hours, the last thing I wanted to do was stay in the house. I got myself together and headed off to a local Zumba class. Sitting around for that long definitely made me sleepy, but forcing a smile on my face at Zumba and grooving to the beats really made the time pass and made me feel great!

After arriving home nice and sweaty, I was full of energy. Luckily, I had my new hula hoop to keep me busy! I was high off endorphins and spent a decent amount of time hula hooping to a playlist that I affectionately call “Hoop the Hula.” (Psst. Black Betty is a great one!)

To end the night, I figured out how to use skype and skyped with Barry, who is away at drill. I’ve never skyped before so I was kind excited. Sounds like a silly thing to be excited over, doesn’t it? Either way, it amazes me how much a good work out can perk you up!