A Night of Treats

I’ve said it before, but healthy living is soooo much easier when you have some one to do it with you! I always read about Julie and Ryan going to the gym together and running marathons. They are so supportive of each others fitness goals and its something I long to have in my relationship with Barry.

Staying healthy… together.


Barry and I began our morning with our first workout together! Coincidentally, I wore my Air Force shirt and he, his Army.  I was seriously put to shame when I saw how much quicker he was than I! We set small checkpoints to sprint to in between walking. As we ran to one checkpoint, I thought I was doing great and keeping pace. That is, until a certain someone sped past me… As I began to fade out, the Army Sergeant in Barry came out. “Push it! Finish strong! Push it!” Having that encouragement, and couples competition is so motivational!

We made it to our destination, went to the grocery store, and walked home. All together, we finished about 2.5 miles. I’m proud of that for our first outing together, but my physical conditioning pales compared to Barry’s.

We got home, brewed some coffee, shared a banana, and hit the road for some more errands. While out, we stopped by Subway for a quick lunch before my doctors appointment. Barry got a super yummy hoagie, but without much of an appetite, but knowing I needed to give my body nourishment, I ate an apple pack.

The doctors appointment went better than expected. (I’ll fill you in more in an upcoming post.) After an afternoon of errands, we headed back home for a snack and shower. Soon enough, I didn’t know where the afternoon went! “Are you getting hungry?” Barry asked. Oh man, its 5 o’clock, already!


Tonight, was a real treat, as Barry wanted to cook me dinner! He made jalapeno chicken alfredo! It was delicious! If I had another bag of shirataki noodles, I would have gone back for seconds! While Barry whipped up dinner, I set the table with a cucumber salad and garlic toast.

This treat was followed by another treat: a trip to Woodside Creamery! September is the start of their long awaited fall flavors. Barry and I could not wait to try the Pumpkin Ice Cream, but when we found out they had Pumpkin Pecan, there was no stopping us from ordering it on a salted pretzel cone!


Oh. My. Goodness!

I’ve never had ice cream blow my mind before. Barry and I was in utter utopia. It was like someone whirled a pumpkin pie into ice cream and touched it with a dash of “Woah Baby!”

More to Offer

I’ve come to the conclusion that its all in my head. Okay, I already knew that…

The last even of my shift was enjoying a serving of Golden Grahams. This was around 5am. It was delicious! I hadn’t had Golden Grahams in years! Well, guess what… my mind didn’t think the same way. Immediately, as I saw the last few bites left in the bowl, I threw it out and ran to the bathroom. I tried so hard to purge.

I ate like a normal person. I didn’t even go over my calorie allotment.

So why did I freak out? 

When I tried to purge, it actually hurt and nothing came up. Maybe I actually was hungry. Yes, Sammy, your bloated. Every woman feels this way. Get over it. Not all of them purge to deal with it!

A while back, my dad had found a woman who hosts group sessions for those with anorexia and bulimia. I emailed her today.

I need to remember all the things I can offer the world and being my healthiest self, mentally and physically, is the only way I can put forth my best. I text my mom about something that happened at work last night. I assisted a child in respiratory distress, who was blue and required the ambu-bag. My mom text back, “You saved a life!”


I did. I was able to help this child, and run down the halls, and act fast because my mind and body are being supplied with nutrients. I remember how foggy my job and my life was when I was sick; how slow I moved… Would I have been able to assist the way I did last night? I don’t think so.


I was filled with fatigue and anxiety as I arrived home this morning. I laid down, and unable to relax, I am typing this post.

I’m signing off with one last thought:

Albert Einstein said, “Only a life lived for others is worth living.” If anything keeps me going, its knowing I can make a difference in the lives of God’s children and it all starts with taking care of myself.

I love you, readers. Thank you for listening to me.