OIKOS Smoothies Morning

I was sent a recipe for a South Beach Mango Lassi a week or so ago, and with my recent obsession with Indian food, I was more then apt to try it.  Lassies are a traditional yogurt-based drink that you will find on any Indian restaurant menu.

I whipped out a plain OIKOS and told Frank I was making a smoothie, to which he replied, “Will you make me one, too? I just bought yogurt.”

I typically like to add a scoop of protein to my smoothies for staying power, but since I’m out of vanilla, I had to stick with the God gave me.

Frank has been wanting me to make him a Key Lime shake for a while, now and since he had OIKOS Key Lime Greek yogurt, thats what I whipped up. (By the way, if you’ve never had Greek yogurt, this is the stuff to suck you in!)

Key Lime Smoothie/Shake1 5.3oz OIKOS Key Lime Greek yogurt

1 tsp sugar free lime jello mix


1/3 cup milk


protein, optional

Combine and blend!

Mango Lassi Smoothie3/4 cup frozen mango

1 5.3oz plain OIKOS Greek yogurt

1 Tbsp granulated Splenda



pinch of cardamom

Blend away!


I planned on taking a walk to the supermarket to pick up some ingredients for some recipes, but as I currently type this post on the pouch, thunder and rain has set in. Change of plans, I guess.

Warning: Gross Alert! 

Before the wind picked up and retiring from the porch, I was typing away, when out of the corner of my eye pounces Bunny. In mid-air, this crazy cat caught a bird! Are you kidding me?

I couldn’t believe it! I was stunned and mortified, and disgusted, and for some awful reason, I could not look away! I called Barry and told him what happened. Only one word found its way out of my mouth, “Ewwwwww.”

“Can you say anything else?” he asked. “Ehhhhhhhhhh.”

I was disturbed. The image is scared in my head as Bunny chomped away at the poor birdie.

Later today…

It really came down today, so I went to the store to pick up the last few things I needed for this weeks recipes! Something was on my mind today, I don’t know exactly what, put something we definitely there. To keep myself busy, I decided to, can you guess, did a little cooking. Stay Tuned!

WP_003251Barry came over after work and I left terrible that I didn’t go to his place tonight. Barry leaves this weekend for army duty and he and I both work this week, so our time is pretty limited together. I was in a funk, with a knotted stomach, and a little dizzy.

After Barry headed home, mom and I ran to Wawa to grab a little gingie (ginger ale), and i finally found it! Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper! I finally got my fix. Knowing I needed something in my tummy, mom and I split a can of Campbell’s Chunky Split Pea & Ham soup.


With a little salt and pepper, this stuff was delicious! It was probably the best canned split pea I’ve ever had. There were big chunks of potato and carrots, and ham! Not little pieces of ham… big chunks of ham! And it was filling!

Whatchya doin, Bunny?

After four hours of sleep and a mini binge, I dreaded waking up this morning. I knew, as much as I wanted to stay in bed, that the only way to start my week off right is with a workout. A quick 20 minute workout did the trick to wake me up.

Clinical was hectic as I had two patient’s today! We worked through our lunch break and by the time I got home, I was starving! I grabbed, what has recently been, my go-to snack: dry cereal of the Special K variety. The Vanilla Almond and Oats and Honey are delicious!

I also had a day of some discouragement. My uniform felt tighter today. I’m probably just bloated. But I tried on a dress I bought a few months ago and it wouldn’t zipper past mid back.

Like my rock bottom with anorexia, I’m praying this was a wake up call to control these devilish binges.

Dinner was lazy: A mini evol shredded beef burrito (stuffed with beef, pinto beans, rice, cheddar, corn salsa) and steamed baby carrots. After my first bite, I added some chunky salsa to add some pizzazz.

perfect size for me and filling

perfect size for me and filling

I spent a decent amount of time working on my care plans for my patients tonight, but I was able to fit in a few short circuits throughout the night.

My entertainment for the evening was Bunny, the cat. I went into the bathroom to grab a shower and found her like this:

WP_001054 WP_001053

WP_001052 WP_001051





Night all! Keep on supporting each other!

Bottom of the Bag

All the cheese from the cheetos! All the seasoning from the BBQ chips! Heck, the butt of the loaf of bread!

Today’s bottom of the bag special? Broken animal crackers!


I woke up really late this morning and did not have time to workout. In fact, the only thing I did besides get changed was a grab a fruit cup and run out the door! So lunch today was broken animal crackers and PB from work, and a fruit cup. A granny smith followed later.


Lunch was take out. I love Chinese food steamed vegetables! It amazes me every time I get them how perfectly crisp they are! What am I doing wrong? I seriously wish I took a picture of this broccoli! So beautifully green! My girlfriend ordered some General Tso’s chicken so I helped her out with that, too.

Today was a great day at work! Because a lot of my patient’s are babies, I do not always get to draw their labs? Today, my patient was a little older and spiked a serious fever! Like 107 F! I almost passed out! The docs ordered some labs. The nurse asked for my help, and in the end, he had a great vein and she told me to do the stick! (Yes, I’m trained to draw labs.) Woo Hoo! Got it on the first stick! And I got a difficult patient to take his meds, since he would not take it for the nurse.

I think I need a new pencil

I think I need a new pencil

A bunch of good things happened at work today!  I also realized I need a new writing utensil for there. After a great day at work, I headed home and did a quickie workout video, while I still ha the energy, and grabbed the SlimFast Chocolate Almond bar. Silly me… I’ve never done this before, but I downed the bar without drinking with it. Next thing you know, I guzzled a bottle of water and I’m pretty sure the bar just blew up in my stomach! Not smart, Sammy!

Studying was in store for the remainder of today. I have my first exam of my last semester this week.

The entertainment for tonight? Bunny the cat, strung out on catnip. At one point, he wrapped his paws around the scratch post, grabbed the top with his back legs and was upside down, on his head. He tipped the post over and scared himself; then ran to his food… I guess the nip gives him the munchies!





yeah, that thing your biting.. thats your own foot!

yeah, that thing your biting.. thats your own foot!









I’m proud of myself, today! It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way. I kept busy, and tried to pay attention to the signals my body was sending me, but not not over thinking it.

Thank you for being there for me!

God Bless and hope your having a great weekend!