Holiday Fiending

WP_004120The end of my shift went quickly, and I couldn’t wait to get home to get breakfast. With today being Apple Betty Day, I attempted to make a shake from this. I’ve never had it, but from what I’ve read its like a mash between bread pudding and cobbler. I looked up a recipe for Apple Brown Betty and tried something out. Ya know that I got? A belly ache. Noted!

This tummy ache was followed by giving the stinky puppy a scrub down and then a nap. Waking up, I still didn’t feel much better, unfortunately so I took it easy.

My appetite was non existent until dinner time. Dad and I had run out to the grocery sore to grab some staples and he kept tempting me with the idea of grabbing sushi. No, no… I have enough indulgent events in the next week… Well, guess how that turned out… with a full on indulgent night!

Dad found a package of Cajun seasoned flounder on Manager’s Special, and we decided that for National Taco Day, we make fish tacos. (Well, ours were more like burritos). I began with sauteing some broccoli rabe, with minced garlic, onion and thinly sliced celery. While this was cooking down, I sliced an eggplant, lengthwise, into 1/4 in slices and browned them in another skillet. Once the eggplant was cooked, I transferred it to a paper towel to rid of excess moisture, and added the seasoned flounder to the pan with the vegetables.

WP_004122 WP_004125

I sprinkled a bit of fat free cheddar on the tortillas and warmed them in the microwave. Top the tortillas with the cooked fish, followed by the vegetables. Slice the eggplant and chop romaine lettuce to finish the wrap!  We added the Chipotle salsa, and jalapeno lime bean dip, too!


Dad and I were feeling spicy and added chopped cherry peppers to ours! Dinner was served with a side of steamed vegetables. I seriously enjoyed this meal!

WP_004124Following dinner, mom came home with what I call Holiday Crack  …. AKA gingersnaps. There are alot of foods, such as oumpkin that also fall into the holiday crack categorie…

Immediately, I ran to the freezer and began sandwiching the Edy’s Slow Churned Pumpkin ice cream between two wafers. And so it began! The sweet tooth frenzy! I literally ate anything in front of me. Everything tasted so good! I don’t know why, but I just wanted EVERYTHING!

Mom and I headed out to Payless with our eyes on the prize. I not only had had a coupon from the mail, but a coupon that was sent to me on my birthday. Mom and I bought a total of 4 pairs of shoes and saved over 45 dollars! Thats what I’m talking about!

Making the cut was a pair of hot pink running shoes by Champion and a cute pair of Fioni bootines (I didn’t know bootine was a word,either), both of which I plan on wearing tomorrow!

Whatchya doin, Bunny?

After four hours of sleep and a mini binge, I dreaded waking up this morning. I knew, as much as I wanted to stay in bed, that the only way to start my week off right is with a workout. A quick 20 minute workout did the trick to wake me up.

Clinical was hectic as I had two patient’s today! We worked through our lunch break and by the time I got home, I was starving! I grabbed, what has recently been, my go-to snack: dry cereal of the Special K variety. The Vanilla Almond and Oats and Honey are delicious!

I also had a day of some discouragement. My uniform felt tighter today. I’m probably just bloated. But I tried on a dress I bought a few months ago and it wouldn’t zipper past mid back.

Like my rock bottom with anorexia, I’m praying this was a wake up call to control these devilish binges.

Dinner was lazy: A mini evol shredded beef burrito (stuffed with beef, pinto beans, rice, cheddar, corn salsa) and steamed baby carrots. After my first bite, I added some chunky salsa to add some pizzazz.

perfect size for me and filling

perfect size for me and filling

I spent a decent amount of time working on my care plans for my patients tonight, but I was able to fit in a few short circuits throughout the night.

My entertainment for the evening was Bunny, the cat. I went into the bathroom to grab a shower and found her like this:

WP_001054 WP_001053

WP_001052 WP_001051





Night all! Keep on supporting each other!