Its Official

Its officially allergy season. Delaware has had a high pollen count for the last few days and this nose has been-a-sniffling.

So, I mentioned that last week a had a blind date and that we wanted to go out again. Little did I know, that our next date would be so soon. We metfor lunch on Wednesday and talked for about two hours straight. Without awkward silence! (This is a real special event for me because I am quite awkward and silence tends to follow when I talk with guys).

Anyway, the lunch date went well, and I was invited back to his house by the girl who introduced us. I spent a few hours there, met his friends and then was invited for a BBQ on Thursday.

I picked up his favorite beer, as well as some skinny drinks for me (I love Master of Mixes Lite line!!!), and helped with the BBQ. It was day 3 and already the house mates were calling when we were going to get married. HAHA! Crazy!


It was so nice! We sat around a bonfire, just talking. I felt like I was already accepted into this family they already had. Amazingly, we stayed up until 2am talking! 2am!! I felt terrible since he had to be up at 4am to go to work. (I won’t talk about his vocation, just yet).


Besides allergy season, we, too, are official. He officially asked me be exclusive! (I’m screaming like a little girl inside!)

He is away this weekend from work and I’ve never been with someone who texts me in the morning and calls me at night. Its so nice. Its so different from what I’m used to. This guy is so different. I keep telling him, “There has to be something wrong with you.” He just laughs at me. He is a realĀ gentleman. I’m still kind of in shock at how things worked out and how quickly we clicked. He keeps saying, “I just keep waiting to wake up.” Its true though. Its surreal. All I know is that I’m really happy!


My dad reads my blog, so I know this probably mad awkward for him to read, but I am really happy. I feel like my dad thinks this a phase, of maybe hes just in denial that his daughter is growing up.

Blind Dates

Have you ever been on a blind date? Last night was my first.

Blind dates are nerve-racking. There’s all these unknowns and unwritten rules. Then you try to figure out what to wear. Its like a job interview. Nothing provocative, not too conservative. Do you have a drink with them? If things work out, do you kiss this person you just met?

And then there’s the whole Facebook thing. To friend request or not friend request? How soon is too soon to text this person?

Clearly, I am not a dating guru.

Maybe its just me being paranoid.

For the sake of the blog, I googled “blind date dos and don’ts” and tons of pages came up!

Etiquette 101

Surviving the Blind Date

Top Rules for Blind Dating

I’m just glad my girlfriend set this up and was there to help out this new experience.


We met at a bar called 1984, which is kind of an arcade bar. I was kicking some Ms Pacman butt! The bathroom was plastered with Michael J. Fox wall paper!

WP_002244 WP_002245

A little after the band started, we headed to Applebees for continued fun and late night appetizer specials.

By the way, things went great and we have plans for another date! He walked me to my car and after I got in and saw he had walked away, I screamed like a little gitty girl!

I woke up this morning, still happy with the way things went last night.

I made myself a nice breakfast to get today started. A waffle-wich!


Kashi Belgium waffle, egg whites, and turkey sausage

Drizzled with a bit a sugar free syrup! Yummy and filling!

I planned on spending the entire morning finishing up some projects due this week, when Frank asked me if i was busy. ” I’m writing a paper. Why?” I took Frank to the hospital. It seemed like fluid overload related to his congestive heart failure.

I felt bad thatĀ I could not stay with him, like I usually do, but nursing school doesn’t care about the unexpected.

I headed off to work for a relatively uneventful shift. I was seeing red, though. It may sound like a silly thing to be frustrated over, but someone ate my dinner! I keep a couple frozen meals at work, labeled with my name. I brought steamed broccoli to have with my Lean cuisine. Well,when I went to get it… its not there! For someone with an eating disorder, who plans her meals, this is a big deal!


Luckily, I had eaten well today, and had spare calories. I keep an emergency protein bar (Blueberry Pomegranate Zone Bar) in my locker, so that, along with the steamed broccoli and an applesauce I jacked from the unit fridge. Not exactly what I had in mind for a Sunday night dinner…