2 Songs

Now I just feel stumped! Music is my constant in life.


2 Songs…

  • All You Need Is Love

I chose this because it sends a great message. This world is so full of hatred and harm. It could all change is everyone adopted this. The Beatles are geniuses being able to place it into one simple lay mans sentence.

  • Keep Your Head Up

Andy Grammer has a way of putting me in a good mood with his songs, whether its the beat or the lyrics. This song does both. When I feel down, I tend to really be hard on myself, so this song is a good reminder I can turn things around.

Can I cheat and mention that these two songs by MGK really resonate with me? They remind me of my eating disorders, the demons in my life that haunt me every day.

D3mons featuring DMX

“Every night I hear them f***ing with me.” Those taunting whispers in my mind that tell me I’m not good enough, I ate too much, I’m a failure, etc…

“Please God tell these demons to stop f***ing with me.”

Lead You On

This entire song I could equivocate to my life, the sruggle and suffering, how I alienated myself from others… everything. “Overdose on your love so I can’t have it again.” When these eating disorders consume my mind and body and I feel as though theres nothing left in my life… At many points during my recovery, I wished the same thing.

3 Films

Wow! Only three?! I better make these good!


3 Films…

  • Jesus Christ Super Star

jcssI guess “obsessed” might not be a strong enough word… I may or may not own the 1973 version on VHS, DVD, and have the soundtrack on CD. I may or may not own the vinyl recordings. I may or may not own the 2000 Great Britain version on DVD and CD. I may or may not have seen the show performed live 7 times. And I may or may not have met Ted Neeley (1973 Jesus of Nazareth) for one of my birthdays… I could probably put on a one man show…Yeah…. I might have a problem…

  • Armageddonarm

Oh, Bruce Willis, how I love thee…. I love Bruce in every movie/show I’ve ever seen him in. I actually met him once, too! I loved the concept of ordinary men saving the world, the strong love he displays towards his daughter… Plus the cast is absolutely fantastic! Its always on FX. Its one of those movies that I never get tired of watching. I remember my mom and I watched it so many times, we made a song about it when I was a kid. Oh, and another happy memory… that and Mulan were the double feature at my first drive-in movie! Its the only movie I’ve ever laid on the hood of a car to watch.

  • The Ten Commandments

chYes, its an “epic” movie, but its a classic! I look forward to this every Easter season. Some scenes I can recite by heart. Charlton Heston is fantastic in everything he is in, but he blew this one out of the park! His delivery, the language, the voice… everything! Even the terrible 1956 special effects, which, come to think of it, aren’t as terrible as you think they would be…

(I  started this challenge last May.. I don’t know why I didn’t finish it… Its about damn time I did, don’t you think?)

4 Books

I think I’m going to approach this from a few angles…

4 Books

harry-potter-books                n7884

  • Harry Potter series

I own every book, but have not read them yet. It was a goal of mine in high school, which never happened. Then my free time went down the drain in nursing school. Its like life kept getting in the way. I’m hoping to attack this venture soon!

  • Beowulf

Terrible. Just terrible. I feel like every Brit Lit major is going to attack me, now, but I just DID NOT like this book. I’ve read tons of books/plays in school… The Scarlet Letter, The Great Gatsby, The Bluest Eye, Macbeth… I enjoyed all of them, but from page 1, I could not read this book.

download                        510TWNm6Z5L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

  • To Kill A Mockingbird

Admittedly, I did not pick up this book until Mr. Gregory Peck influenced me. (If you didn’t quite understand where I was going with that, I saw the movie first.) The movie is utterly fantastic, packed with a boat load of actors. The book, at first, was a bit difficult to read because its written with inflection and lingo of the south. Once I made it through the first few pages, I read it to myself with a southern accent and the rest of the book just flowed. I like that it was written  about actual adult situations that had occurred, but still had the point of view of a child. Its because of that book that I really want to nickname my future daughter, if thats in the cards, “Scout.”

  • The Book of Virtues

I came across this bulky book in middle school at the school library. I, honestly, only grabbed it because I thought it would impress everyone how smart I looked. It sounds dumb, now, but what do I know as an 11 year old know. Once I actually cracked into the book, I loved it! At first I only read the poems, then, I remember reading them to my parents. (They liked when I would read aloud…) Then, I began reading the short stories. The poems are stories were new and old, and historic, and fictional, and covered all 7 virtues, broken down into the 7 chapters of the book. Its the biggest book I’ve ever read, and about the only book I completely read from the middle school library. It’s definitely a fave!

Maya Angelou



Today, while at work, I was informed that one of my favorite writers passed away: Maya Angelou. I adore reading her poems, in fact, I have a book of her writings. I love the depth, the heart and soul, the empowerment of her words. Whenever I feel really terrible about my body, I read Phenomenal Woman. It makes me appreciate every little imperfection I see in myself. Thank you, Maya, for pulling me into your writing, giving me strength and courage, and for blessing us with your talent.

5 Foods

I thought coming up with 9 Loves was hard. How does a food blogger Pick only 5 Foods to talk about…? So heres a bunch of random thoughts…

5 Foods

  • Oreoswp_004578

Chocolate cookies with sugary creme in the middle! Perfection!

  • Comfort Food

Meatloaf, my chicken cordon bleu, mac n’ cheese, pancakes and waffles… I mean, the term “comfort food” to me refers to that feeling of home. Theres just nothing like biting into a classic, hearty, dish whos recipe has been passed down for generations.

  • Tripe

I’ve only had it once, and only because it was free. Ha! Frank and I went to a new Vietnamese place that opened a few years back for the dim sum lunch. A variety of flavors profiles were offered to us and I reluctantly tried it. I couldn’t believe it! I actually liked! To this day I can’t actually describe it, but I have, yet, to try it again… Mostly because the restaurant closed and “tripe” on a menu isn’t usually a selling point…

  • Asian

wp_002263 wp_003887

Malaysian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino… I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! I could literally eat this stuff everyday… I just love the combinations of sweet heat and spice with vegetables and proteins!

  • Nut and Seed Butters

I love the salty creamy flavor of peanut butter. Oh, and Peter Pan’s Crunchy is fabulous! After not having much luck with cashew, almond, macadamia nut, and pecan butter, I was a bit skeptical. But I loved the earthy, nutty tones to the Sunflower Seed butter! I must say that my absolute favorite is rather pricey. Nuttzo butter is unique, for sure. My favorite is the Crunchy PF variety. Its loaded with chia and flax, and the base is made of almond, cashew, brazil nut, hazelnuts, and pumpkin seeds! I could eat it by the spoonful! Oh man! Excuse me while I run to the market for a jar…

7 Wants

I guess this is like a wish list… I like the word “wish” better than “want”.


7 Wishes…

  • To Travel

I want to see the world, experience new foods, help as many as possible, learn, expand my mind…

  • World Peace

Could I be anymore cliche?WP_005845

  • To Be A Role Model

As a nurse, you are taught to be a role model of health. As a human being, an active member of society, I want others to look at me and say, “I can do it, too!” When I fell into anorexia, I looked to my sponsor, Katie. She runs, lifts, is active, eats well, and is healthy. I want to be that to someone one day. To my goddaughter , I want to her to see drive an determination to gradate high school, go to college, live a happy and healthy life, and don;t let anything stand in her way.

  • Crappy Food Didn’t Taste So Good

Why does a chunky fudgey brownie taste so damn good when its just so wrong for your body? Or that burger with bacon and blue cheese? Or that ridiculous Mint Cookies and Creme Milkshake Barry got me hooked?I love my fruits and veggies, but its just not fair, I tell you!

  • A Christmas Album

It sounds really dumb, but I’ve always wanted to record a Christmas album. I sing Christmas music all year round and you will never meet another person with more Christmas spirit… some day…

  • Balance

Anyone who is around me on a daily basis knows how completely unstable I am. Happy? Sad? Confident? Annoyed? Self-Loathing? Hungry? Full? Anxious? I would love to be able to balance my emotions with my life.


  • To Live Happily Ever After

You know that whole white picket fence, two kids, a dog and cat concept? Yeah, I’m that naive… I have this dream of having kids, and a husband, and a house, and a job I love, and being super mom and wife, and still maintaining my sense of self…

8 Fears


8 Fears

  • Never being able to carry children

My lady times have never been  regular. When I was younger, I would get hospitalized for the pain. Even on birth control, I was never fully regulated. I found out I have PCOS. Women with this ayndrome have an increased chance of infertility. Unfortunately, miscarriages are more prevalent then I’d like them to be in my family. That, along with those statistics of infertility, scares the crap out of me…

  • Losing my dadWP_005443

Losing any family member is never easy, but losing your best friend is just as hard. What happens when that family member is your best friend? Just the thought is crippling to me.

  • Losing Beauty

I faced it… It sucked…

  • Gaining weight

I remember how I felt when I was overweight. I remember how much work it took for me to lose it. I remember how much work I had to do to bounce back from anorexia. I NEVER want to have to do any of that ever again!


  • Hurting others

Even the stupidest, unintentional thing such as stepping on your toe, gets to me! It eats away at me! To the point that I can’t sleep. I hate knowing that I hurt you in anyway.

  • Aging

Aging has its pros and cons. I learn more every year, I make more memories with my loved ones… There are tons of great things about getting older. What I fear is the loss that is inevitable. The past few years, I’ve noticed how many people have pasted away, I’ve paid more attention to the declining health of family and friends… It breaks my heart. I’m terrified to think that one day, I’ll look around and realize my friends and family have passed… I guess I’m afraid of the pain, physical and emotional, that could possibly occur.

aging gracefully

  • Losing my Drive

The other day, Barry said to me, “More projects have been completed in this house since you moved in a month ago, than in the past three years that I’ve lived here.” That feeling of being too tired to work out, gives me a glimpse of this fear. Jumping out of any airplane for my birthday assures me I still have plenty of drive left. I guess I just don’t want to lose that impulse, excitement, thirst for knowledge, or spunk that keeps me going everyday.

  • Fear

Its a little ironic that my final fear, is fear… Just the concept, the idea that something can scare me, make me second guess, make or break… Well, I guess thats both a good and a bad thing… or else society might really be in the shitter…

9 Loves

This is Day 2 of the Challenge… Yesterday, I really had to think. I’m liking this “get to know yourself” thing…


9 Loves…

  • My family

My family is diverse, to say the least. One side is very small, and very Italian. The other is large, ever multiplying, a little ghetto and trashy, a little upscale an educated, a little not so much, and just completely insane.  But I love them. I was blessed with fantastic grandparents, who taught me sooo much! And was blessed to have an interesting childhood that shaped who I am today.


  • Music

I mentioned yesterday how music is what grounds me. It was my first love. I don’t know where I’d be without it!

  • Philanthropy

Nothing brings more pleasure than seeing something I worked on, make another person smile. I think thats why I got into nursing. I love helping others. Even just cooking dinner for Barry, or breakfast for Pops, feels great. In high school, I was part of a club called the HUG Club (Helping the Underprivileged Globally). We became very involved with an organization called “Invisible Children.” Ever since, its been a dream to travel to Uganda and help the children.

  • Cooking

Obviously!! Have you even read this blog??? HAHAH

1185142_10153164588315228_490656525_n           224316_10152847735060228_1493320056_n

  • My friends

It must be a “Maggie” thing. I’ve know one Maggie since we were 4. We went K through 8th grade together, then lost touch in high school, but somehow found our way back to each other over the years, and now we live together. My other Maggie, I met freshman year of high school. She’s been my everything. She put up with all the BS from the eating disorder. She never pushed me away when I argued that there was nothing wrong with me. They both came to my rescue when home life wasn’t the greatest, or when my depression was getting worse. These are true friends.


  • Beauty

My babygirl… Losing her was one of my the hardest things to face. In fact, I went into a zombie state for a few weeks. I remember driving home from work one day and calling Barry asking him if Beauty had really died. I was completely serious. I felt delusional, like I was dreaming…

  • Oreos and Peanut Butter

I just can’t help it. Its a magical combination that combines my craving for sweet, salty, chocolate, crunchy, and all things cookie into one!

  • Accomplishment

I love the feeling of accomplishment. Working hard for a goal or cause and seeing everything come together is an amazing feeling. I felt that way when I lost my weight (the healthy way) and when I graduated nursing school, when I made a shot during my basketball games. I love those feelings of pride!

  • Laughing

Humor gets us through life. Bottom line. There is no better feeling than laughing through pain, anger, an actual joke, through a workout, through your 16 hour shift at work… Smile and laugh… just do it… you’ll thank me.

It was so much harder coming up with 9 Loves than I expected!