Ten Gallon Hat Winery

I finally went to my first winery! After attending multiple wine festivals and tastings, I finally went to a winery. My friend got me a gift certificate to Ten Gallon Hat Winery, and before I knew it, its expiration date was quickly approaching. Unfortunately, she was not able to go with me, but dad was happy, and more than willing, to substitute.

So, February 10th, after work and running some errands, we drove about 15 minutes over the DE/PA line to Ten Gallon Hat Winery. Its pretty well hidden. Despite how small the building looks on the outside, its a spacious beauty on the inside. Dad and I walked down the steps to a room with a bar and a bunch of high top tables. Each table and corner bar supplied with mini saltine and chocolate chip morsels, to compliment the wine.

WP_007669 WP_007670

We were given a list, with a descriptions of each wine, and a pencil to check off our choices. We were able to each choose six wines to sample, so between the two of us, we covered the 13 options. While dad was more set on the reds, I was counting down to the fruit wines.

                      V__1360        V__A458

First came the reds:V__DAE2

  • Merlot- This was so-so. Its pretty hard to mess up a merlot.
  • Zinfandel- I’ve had white merlot, but never a red zin. It was sort of dry like a zin, but with a deep flavor typical of a red.
  • Barbera- This, in my opinion, was the best red. Cedar was the scent that stood out to me. I don’t mean it was like sipping on bark. It was mellow and there was something calming about drinking this wine.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon- Dad’s a cab guy, so he was looking forward to this one, and wasn’t disappointed. He rated this as his highest ranking of the red and whites.

Followed by the whites: Admittedly, neither dad nor myself are much fans of white wines.V__55CE

  • Chardonnay- It just sounds so fancy, doesn’t it? But, unfortunately, it was much too dry for my liking.
  • Pinot Grigio, AKA “The Sheriff’s Daughter”- Based on the description, I expected a citrus and fruity wine with a bit of a dry bite. But, alas, still not my fancy…
  • Riesling, AKA “The Preacher’s Daughter”- We had finally hit a white wine that tickled my fancy with its mild sweetness.
  • Moscato, AKA “The Farmer’s Daughter”- I’m not a moscato chick, typically. But this and Riesling were the best whites, in my opinion.

And, lastly, the fruits:

  • Blackberry- This was a dark wine, deep with flavor, but no incredibly sweet. I feel like this would be a good wine for someone who is a Cabernet drinker…
  • Red Raspberry- This was the one I was looking forward to the most. After my girlfriend’s wedding two years ago, I fell in love V__08E7with raspberry wine. The bartender spooned some chocolate semi sweets on a napkin and poured us our wine. The first thing I noticed was the pieces of actual raspberries in the wine! Well, that’s a good sign… real fruit… I thought to myself. Dad thought this was the best of the fruit wines. Although, this was an enjoyable wine… what was up next, blew me away.
  • Cranberry- Although I enjoy cranberries and cranberry juice, I did not have high expectations for this wine. Its cranberries… I mentally prepared myself for a tart wine. Boy, was I wrong! After our first few sips, the bartender brought out a wedge of lime to squeeze into the glass. In a nutshell, I bought a whole bottle, and dad and I finished off 2/3 of the bottle that night. Wow, just wow! I can’t even explain how delicious this one is! It’s been months since we’ve had this wine, and I still rave about it!

The fruit wines stole the show for me!

As I talked with Sheryl, one of the bar tenders, I had mentioned I was curious about what was done with all the corks. She filled a whole bag with corks for me to take with me. (I have one of those iron cork holders to hang on my wall and in need of more corks.) Dad and I headed back up the steps to the entertainment room, where were heard music playing. With our wine glasses and an uncorked bottle in hand, dad found us a seat, and I ordered a bowl of Lobster Bisque and a cheesecake.

I had just gotten my first pay check from my new job and was too excited to celebrate with dad. With all the endorphin flowing, I introduced myself to the musician playing, Matt Santry, and offered to get him a glass of wine, while dad and waited for out order.

Matt sat down with dad and I, and the three of us, sipping our wines, discussed music, life, performing, wine, and more. It was pretty cool. My dad must have liked the guy because suddenly dad became my wing man, trying to find out all sorts of information about Matt’s relationship status, past, and so on! I have to say it was pretty cool and quite the bonding moment for pops and I. (But, sorry ladies, Matt’s engaged.)

As Matt  took the stage, our food arrived. The bisque was served with a few homemade croutons. The cheesecake elegantly served with a pool of raspberry syrup and a white chocolate swizzle.

WP_007671 WP_007672

We left the winery in a great mood and a bit of cranberry wine left. Guess who’s got limes in the fridge, now? This chick!!!



A Break

With the gross feelings  that I’ve been having about myself, and the insecurities I’ve been feeling, I thought it would be nice to break the monotony of the blog and complete a survey… I def want to hear about you too, so answer some in the comments below!!!

A to Z Survey

A – Age: 23.

B – Biggest Fear: Not being able to have children.

C – Current Time: 1151.

D – Drink You Had Last: Wawa Diet Green Tea.

E – Easiest Person To Talk To: Mom, except if its about her.

F – Favorite Song: I don’t know how to pick just one! But I think this one send a great message:

G – Grossest Memory: I’m a nurse, so not much grosses me out. Sputum specimens used to make me gag, though.

H – Hometown: I was born in Wilmington, DE, but much of my childhood was spent with my mom’s family in Philly, and our summers in Seaside Park, NJ.

I – In Love With: Beauty (may she rest in peace), and learning.


J – Jealous Of: People who can just pick up and travel. I’ve been offered traveling nurse jobs, but just leaving my family and home… its pretty scary.

K – Kindest Person You Know: Mommom Higgins (my mother’s mom). I’ve never heard her say a bad thing about anyone.

L – Longest Relationship: about 13 months.

M – Middle Name: Marie. Its my mom’s first name, so I tell her that its where I get all my crazy from.

N – Number of Siblings: Technically, I’m an only child, but when my mom remarried to Frank, I gained a step-sister (who is 7 months older), and two step-brothers (who are 2 and 4 years younger than me).

O – One Wish: To make a difference in the world.

P – Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last: My step-dad, Frank.

Q – Question You’re Always Asked: “You work with sick babies? How do you do that? Isn’t it sad?” No! No, it is not sad. I get to sing, and dance, and make silly faces, and comfort parents, and make that sick baby feel better.

R – Reason To Smile: I’m blessed with a job, a driving ambition, a roof over my head, and even though living with an eating disorder is a daily struggle, I’m surviving.

S – Song You Last Sang: “Come Monday” by Jimmy Buffett. Probably that Andy Grammer song sing I just posted the music video, but prior to that…. a little Paul Mc Cartney.

T – Time You Woke Up:  0650.

U – Underwear Color: Since we just finished the Fourth of July weekend, my undies are screaming “USA” with blue fabric, red lace, and silver metallic stars.

V – Vacation Destination: My dream to travel the Mediterranean. I’ve always wanted to visit Sicily, where my Nonna was born, but Greece look gorgeous, as well.

W – Worst Habit: Besides biting my nails like its my job, I can be really lazy.

X – X-Rays You’ve Had: Hmmm… I’ve had chest X-Rays when I had bronchitis, and an X-Ray to my femur when I was having issues walking (muscle tear from malnutrition)….

Y – Your Favorite Food: I’m addicted to feel good foods, but who’s not?! My mom’s meatloaf or chicken cordon bleu I could eat every day. I’m currently (and I mean for the past like 6 years) addicted to soft-serve fro-yo. I would love to figure out how to make it at home. I always get just a shot of frozen yogurt, then cover it with chopped fruit and usually about 5 reese’s pieces.

Z – Zodiac Sign: You would think for a Libra I wouldn’t be so high strung.

So tell me about yourself….