4 Books

I think I’m going to approach this from a few angles…

4 Books

harry-potter-books                n7884

  • Harry Potter series

I own every book, but have not read them yet. It was a goal of mine in high school, which never happened. Then my free time went down the drain in nursing school. Its like life kept getting in the way. I’m hoping to attack this venture soon!

  • Beowulf

Terrible. Just terrible. I feel like every Brit Lit major is going to attack me, now, but I just DID NOT like this book. I’ve read tons of books/plays in school… The Scarlet Letter, The Great Gatsby, The Bluest Eye, Macbeth… I enjoyed all of them, but from page 1, I could not read this book.

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  • To Kill A Mockingbird

Admittedly, I did not pick up this book until Mr. Gregory Peck influenced me. (If you didn’t quite understand where I was going with that, I saw the movie first.) The movie is utterly fantastic, packed with a boat load of actors. The book, at first, was a bit difficult to read because its written with inflection and lingo of the south. Once I made it through the first few pages, I read it to myself with a southern accent and the rest of the book just flowed. I like that it was written  about actual adult situations that had occurred, but still had the point of view of a child. Its because of that book that I really want to nickname my future daughter, if thats in the cards, “Scout.”

  • The Book of Virtues

I came across this bulky book in middle school at the school library. I, honestly, only grabbed it because I thought it would impress everyone how smart I looked. It sounds dumb, now, but what do I know as an 11 year old know. Once I actually cracked into the book, I loved it! At first I only read the poems, then, I remember reading them to my parents. (They liked when I would read aloud…) Then, I began reading the short stories. The poems are stories were new and old, and historic, and fictional, and covered all 7 virtues, broken down into the 7 chapters of the book. Its the biggest book I’ve ever read, and about the only book I completely read from the middle school library. It’s definitely a fave!

Maya Angelou



Today, while at work, I was informed that one of my favorite writers passed away: Maya Angelou. I adore reading her poems, in fact, I have a book of her writings. I love the depth, the heart and soul, the empowerment of her words. Whenever I feel really terrible about my body, I read Phenomenal Woman. It makes me appreciate every little imperfection I see in myself. Thank you, Maya, for pulling me into your writing, giving me strength and courage, and for blessing us with your talent.

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