6 Places

Hmmm 6 places I’ve been? 6 Places I want to go? 6 Places I’d never go? How to tackle this question???

6 Places

  • New York, especially Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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After visiting Meaghen, I fell in love with the borough. I mean, I literally smile ear to ear just thinking about it. It was the one place I remember being and feeling 100% confident about self. I love the eclectic people, the small unique bakeries and coffee chops, everything! I can’t wait to take Barry there in a few weeks. He’s never been to New York!

  • Pike Market, Downtown Seattle

I visited downtown Seattle a few years ago with my Honor Society. Every morning I walked a couple blocks down to the market, right on the bay, and got fresh produce, locally made products, and everything tasted fantastic! I also loved the variety of produce, things I’ve never even heard of before, like Maitake mushrooms and fiddleheads


  • Sicily

My Nonna was born in a small harbor town, called Milazzo, in 1920. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with learning about my family history. Anything Sicilian… I’m there! I’ve always dreamed of traveling there and seeing the area my grandmother was born, speaking the language, breathing the same air as my ancestors, tracking down records, and maybe even meeting family.

  • My bed

Need I say more? Its home, comfort, the safe place, has tons of pillows and my teddy bear (yes, a teddy bear)…

  • Antarctica

Never. I have quite the low tolerance for cold. Barry sleeps without covers and I sleep with at leas two… even in the summer. I’m always layered, or curled in ball under my covers… Sorry, Antarctica, you’re just too damn cold for me.

  • Seaside Heights, New Jersey

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I look forward to going here every year, even if its just a day trip. My summer would not be complete without it. I remember sitting in the back seat of my parents car, knowing that as soon as I’d see the top of the ferris wheel, nothing but great memories would ensure. I remember when I got my driver’s license, and dad let me drive. Oh man! I was terrified to drive over the bridge that enters the town (the lanes are really narrow). My first memories of crabbing are sitting on the dock with my poppop. Then, we would go back to the beach house to meet the rest of the family and cook the crabs. That night, poppop would take me on the ferris wheel. For those few minutes of the ride, poppop was all mine! The sad day that we would leave to go home, we would hit Midway, a sausage stand in the middle of the boardwalk, for sausage sandwiches! Oh and Kohr’s custard! And the log flume! And The Sawmill! And Breakfast at Jimmy’s! So many wonderful memories! I w as devastated by, what seemed, the never ending domino of disasters that hit Seaside last year (Hurricane Sandy, the faulty wiring, which lit up the new boardwalk. I’m happy to report that Seaside continues to stand strong and has been rebuilding. I can’t wait to go!

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Speaking of my Poppop…


Happy Memorial Day! Thank you, to all you brave men and women who have fought for our freedom, our rights, for my ability to write this blog, for making me feel safe… Your are heroes. Thank you.


This song is perfect to celebrate these heroes!

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