9 Loves

This is Day 2 of the Challenge… Yesterday, I really had to think. I’m liking this “get to know yourself” thing…


9 Loves…

  • My family

My family is diverse, to say the least. One side is very small, and very Italian. The other is large, ever multiplying, a little ghetto and trashy, a little upscale an educated, a little not so much, and just completely insane.  But I love them. I was blessed with fantastic grandparents, who taught me sooo much! And was blessed to have an interesting childhood that shaped who I am today.


  • Music

I mentioned yesterday how music is what grounds me. It was my first love. I don’t know where I’d be without it!

  • Philanthropy

Nothing brings more pleasure than seeing something I worked on, make another person smile. I think thats why I got into nursing. I love helping others. Even just cooking dinner for Barry, or breakfast for Pops, feels great. In high school, I was part of a club called the HUG Club (Helping the Underprivileged Globally). We became very involved with an organization called “Invisible Children.” Ever since, its been a dream to travel to Uganda and help the children.

  • Cooking

Obviously!! Have you even read this blog??? HAHAH

1185142_10153164588315228_490656525_n           224316_10152847735060228_1493320056_n

  • My friends

It must be a “Maggie” thing. I’ve know one Maggie since we were 4. We went K through 8th grade together, then lost touch in high school, but somehow found our way back to each other over the years, and now we live together. My other Maggie, I met freshman year of high school. She’s been my everything. She put up with all the BS from the eating disorder. She never pushed me away when I argued that there was nothing wrong with me. They both came to my rescue when home life wasn’t the greatest, or when my depression was getting worse. These are true friends.


  • Beauty

My babygirl… Losing her was one of my the hardest things to face. In fact, I went into a zombie state for a few weeks. I remember driving home from work one day and calling Barry asking him if Beauty had really died. I was completely serious. I felt delusional, like I was dreaming…

  • Oreos and Peanut Butter

I just can’t help it. Its a magical combination that combines my craving for sweet, salty, chocolate, crunchy, and all things cookie into one!

  • Accomplishment

I love the feeling of accomplishment. Working hard for a goal or cause and seeing everything come together is an amazing feeling. I felt that way when I lost my weight (the healthy way) and when I graduated nursing school, when I made a shot during my basketball games. I love those feelings of pride!

  • Laughing

Humor gets us through life. Bottom line. There is no better feeling than laughing through pain, anger, an actual joke, through a workout, through your 16 hour shift at work… Smile and laugh… just do it… you’ll thank me.

It was so much harder coming up with 9 Loves than I expected!


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