A Full Moon

The Disclaimer

Thank goodness I slept until 1 or so because I would have never known what this day would bring. It was most definitely a mischief night [day].

I received a phone call wanting to discuss a rant I had posted about a month ago. I need to make something clear. This blog is a haven. For you, for me, for anyone who needs an outlet, a friend, some encouragement…

I wrote my rant, got it off my chest, and forgot I wrote it.

I am so blessed to live in a country where when I am upset, I can work out, call on a friend, and write on the blog. I can discreetly rant my heart out, express my feelings and opinions and never be wrong. Here’s the thing about feelings and opinions. Everyone has them. Everyone can express them. Everyone is entitled to them. You can never be told what your feeling is invalid.

It reminds me of a quote from the corporate compliance video at work :

“Put yourself in the shoes of the associate… to think through how they may react to how a situation gets handled.”

“Its as much about perception as reality.”

How you perceive and action, may be different from how another does, or even how the action was intended, but it still does not mean that your feelings are wrong.

I want to officially make a statement:

I am whole-heartedly sorry for any feelings that have ever been hurt on this blog. I have never once wrote anything with a malicious intent.

While I can’t apologize for my feelings, I can apologize for how my feelings were stated and how I handled the situation. In addition, I can apologize for the hurt feelings that resulted. I can’t change my actions, now, but only learn from them.

So stressed out about this incident, I never slept anymore before my 12 hour shift at work. I laid in bed, crying for hurting someone’s feelings, stressing about the effects it would have on our relationship, and praying that this nightmare of a day would be over.

Arriving at work and putting on my happy face, it seemed everyone was having one of those days. We got slammed with high acuity admissions, there were tons of misunderstandings, and it seemed everyone was watching the clock for 7am. I have to admit that despite the draining day, my shift was still decent.

Independence Day

Its been a few days now, and I haven’t blogged since the events earlier this week. After some solicited opinions and advice from my girlfriend, who had been in a loosely similar situation made up my mind that I should NOT stop writing. This blog has been medicinal, therapeutic, and an essential piece of my recovery. I can’t let anything take it away from me. When she emphatically convinced me not to stop writing, but to be smarter about how I do it, I could only visualize Bill Pullman’s speech from “Independence Day.”  Yeah, she was that emphatic!

And even though days have past, and writing this post is helping, it still eats away at me that I hurt someone, who, in all actuality, has supported me throughout my recovery, simply because I was displeased with a specific situation.

The Natasha Special

I’ve introduced it to you before, but tonight I have officially named it “The Natasha Special.”

I picked Natasha and I up, each, a 20 oz pumpkin spice coffee with Irish Cream creamer and two Splenda. I’m telling you.. you have to try it! Its addicting! Even my father, Mr. Don’t Flavor My Coffee, Cream and Splenda. Thats It couldn’t help but love this coffee.

I slept until 1pm today, thank goodness. After coming home from work, I prepared a Hungry-Girl recipe to end National Apple Month. It combined two favorites: Red Hot candies and Fuji apples!


The end result reminded me of a spiced, chunky applesauce! Dad really enjoyed it! I served it with a dash of allspice on top. I bet it would be fantastic with ice cream! I can feel I just triggered my salivary glands, just thinking about it!

I made a spiced apple shake with the apple mix… not too shabby…

I didn’t sleep much and would up handing out candy. I have a rule, if your a big kid and you put effort into the holiday, you get candy… if not… get off my porch! Hahah! Barry couldn’t believe how blunt I was. But, wow, did we get tons of compliments on our awesome pumpkins! My girlfriend, who I was in nursing school with, came by with our neighborhood muscle man! This is Gabriel’s first Halloween and Erica really got into the spirit and made his little Popeye outfit! She dressed up as Olive Oil. How cute?!?!


We also had an angel present to help give out the candy. She hate this thing… But she got some treats, too…

WP_004461 WP_004468WP_004467

Me? I just threw on my footie pajamas, threw up some pigtails, and applied some blush… Works for me.

Between the 30th and 31st, I had an array of veggies at work, as well as The Healthy Choice Pumpkin Squash Ravioli meal, that I added broccoli to. I figured pumpkin was only fitting for the occasion. I even did decent on the candy aspect of the holiday, which made me very happy!

After my final shift of the week, I headed right back to Fresh Thymes. After that Banana Fosters coffee, from last Friday, its all I’ve been thinking about all week! In fact, I picked my dad up one, too! I came home and paired that a bowl, to keep me full.

Date Night

Friday night, November 1st, Barry and I had date night with Mike and Lauren, to celebrate our 6 month anniversary! We went to Outback Steak House. I even shocked myself when I did not order steak! I put the idea into Barry’s head about the Sirloin Diablo (the concept of a chili pepper cream sauce made my mouth water), and he couldn’t wait to try it! I took a leap and for the first time ever, I ordered pork at a restaurant. While Mike and Lauren stuck to the classic filets, and Barry, with his sirloin, I went with the Sweet Glazed Pork Tenderloin. I kept dipping my pork into Barry’s chili cream, and he kept dipping his sirloin into the pork glaze. I think that made for a nice trade off. I ordered mine with green beans, and the asparagus was perfectly steamed!

WP_004472 WP_004474

I thought Lauren’s drink was pretty nifty, so I snapped a shot of it. She ordered this margarita trio thing… and it came out served on tiers.


Barry and I, being the exciting couple that we are, ended the night working on a jigsaw puzzle! One weekend we are jumping out of planes, the next we are building a puzzle…

Mike’s Birthday


I mentioned earlier in the week that Mike’s 30th Birthday was coming up. His girlfriend threw him a costume party. She looked great as a pirate! Barry was coming from drill, so I matched him with my jacket and a hat I found. Well, I tried to look like a cute soldier…

Barry and I ate dinner before heading out…


On our way to Mike’s party, we stopped by the liquor store, so we wouldn’t show up empty handed, and I came across this:


The concept of PB&J vodka is blowing my mind, but I was not about to spend 30 bucks on something I might not like… So if you’ve had it, dish…

One thought on “A Full Moon

  1. Well said Sam. No harm was intended and the air has been cleared. Hopefully all parties are past it and life goes on. You keep helping sick kids and I’ll keep eating your food creations 🙂

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