Sometimes things don’t work out the way you plan. In cooking, I say go with the flow, but in life,  its not always so easy.

When people celebrate birthdays, others go out of their way to make that persons day special. I tried to be my own special person this year.

I was happy with my gnocchi and my Sicilian rabe, even my troubling and manicly-baked cookies were pleasing. None of this mattered to me when my mom fell threw on traditions, wouldn’t sit with us at dinner and nit-picked through the food I had spent the previous week preparing.

I wanted to enjoy my birthday. I really did. I left the dinner table and went to my room to be alone, but it still didn’t help. I was frustrated. I was hurt. It doesn’t matter what I do, she always needs to pick it apart.

No one else picks apart my food. I turned into the bad guy, last night. I couldn’t deal with her anymore. I had had enough! First, she was late coming home, which messed up our plans. Then, she broke our family tradition of getting ballons, which broke my heart. She picked apart my salad I had made and then the gnocchi and that was it!

I was done with her, the dinner, the attitude, everything! It was the straw that broke the  camels back.

I ended my birthday, laying in bed with a bowl of ice cream and birthday cookies, singing myself “Happy Birthday.”

Yay birthdays!

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