No Alcohol Required

Ladies, this one is for you.

Today’s post is all about mother nature’s all natural hangover.

The Period.

I woke up this morning, feeling better than last night, but still not really with it. I realized that this hazy feeling I’ve had for the past few days reminds me an awful lot of a hangover.

The Headache

I called out of work last night because I had one heck of a menstrual migraine! I couldn’t open my eyes and it began to make me feel nauseous. No Bueno.

When you drink too much, that migraine can last all day and seriously debilitate you! I remember one time, my first hangover, I woke at my friends house, felt terrible, immediately drove home, and called my mom on speaker phone, crying the whole way home. Terrible.

The Appetite

Just like the almighty hangover, periods make us chow down or step back. Last night, I wasn’t hungry, but still had cravings. Today, nothing looks good.

I wanted to start today with dessert, shocker! I’m a sucker for a good brownie, but give me a good Blondie and I’m puddy. This morning was a Blondie Bowl and cup of coffee!

WP_003619Blondie Bowl:

1-2 scoops vanilla protein powder

1 Tbsp sugar free fat free Butterscotch

1/2 to 1 Tbsp toffee pieces

1 tsp peanut butter



1/2 to 3/4 tsp xanthum

The Dehydration

Part of the reason women feel so tired, aside from the hormones, is that fact they they’re dehydrated. With by current lack of an appetite, I’ve been trying to stay hydrated and have drank loads of fluid!

The Mood and Emotions

What happened last night? Did I do that? They broke up? What tone is it? Who through up in the front yard? She drunk dialed him? Why is everyone yelling? What did I drink? Are they mad at me?

These are the things you say after an intense night.

What happened last night? Why is my make up smeared? How long have I been sleeping? Wow, that pain killer worked. I just want to cry. Everything hurts. Why are mad at me?

This is what you say at that time of the month.

See the similarities? Emotional roller coaster!

The Fatigue

Can you guess what I did today? Absolutely nothing! I laid on the couch. I fed the animals, but thats about the extent of my movement.

The Bloat

Water retention. That’s what we tell ourselves so we feel better about our skinny jeans not fitting so hot. Unfortunately, if beer was I evolved, this is the case as well.

When Alcohol DOES Get Involved

It turns into a hot mess! Everything is heightened and you become even more irrational, more hungry, more tired, more dehydrated, and that headache can kick your butt!

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