Who Are You Calling A French Wench?

Today began with a decently long drive to central-ish Pennsylvania to Mount Hope. We traveled to a land of tiger pie, jousting, pirates, deep fried eggs, queens, and dinosaur sized turkeys! Did you figure it out?

The Renaissance Faire!


I’ve only been once, sophomore year of high school, but Barry loves this place! He goes every year.

It was a most excellent time and I was surprised how I to the lingo I was! As Barry and I held hands, a pirate noted that Barry had snagged himself a “wench” and that he was quite the “cheeky fellow!” I was called a “wench” back in high school when I went, too, so, now, I own it! I reclaimed the title with this shot glass!


Some highlights of the day included:

Trial and Dredge


WP_003429 WP_003430

This was basically a court room where we play the jury. I actually got pulled into the skit and it was quite funny! This was one of the mature audience shows.

While standing in line for Barry’s favorite food from the Renn Faire, a woman approached us asking if we would be interested in a “bawdy” show. “Aye,” I replied. We headed over to the show and it was actually a musical with naughty innuendo.
WP_003421Crazy Food

Barry made me try this gross thing called a Scotch Egg. Its a heart attack: a deep fried, hard-boiled egg. Gross!

Barry’s favorite food is Tiger Pie. Its all he talked about the week leading up to our trip. Its technically like a Shepherds Pie with meat, mashed potatoes, and peas. WP_003419

The Wicked Pickle is huge pickle. Its probably the healthiest thing there, but salty!

WP_003418          WP_003417

My favorite food is the pound and a half turkey leg. I couldn’t believe Barry had never had one! We split this one and it was fantastic!

WP_003456 WP_003457
Live Chess Game

WP_003449 WP_003452 WP_003455
The live chess game was Ireland v England. Each time a player approaches one of the opposite side, they battle it out. A lucky little kid gets chosen to participate in the event and this little fairy was too adorable as she beat the village idiot with a stump!

Final Joust


WP_003482 WP_003484

All day, the events that go on all lead up to the story line that is followed at the final joust at the end of the day. Its intense with horses, and yelling, and sword fights, and explosions!
The Whole Place

They have a ton of jewelry shops. Barry bought me a cute sterling silver comedy and tragedy toe ring. We also found some Harry Potter and Zelda jazz.

WP_003414 WP_003422 WP_003423 WP_003433 WP_003442 WP_003459 WP_003460WP_003424

Theres also places to buy herbs and incense, places for archery and cross bows, shows for all ages, hypnotists, magicians, musicians, tons of food, glass blowing, wax dipped items (Barry bought me a rose which I got preserved), and funny names for things. I got a chuckle from the ladies privy being labeled the “Royal Flush!” They assign certain weekends certain themes, like ‘Time Traveling’ or ‘Chivalry and Romance.’ They also have a winery and brewery, and tastings!


By far, one of my favorite things of the day were these silver elf ear earrings! I look like Spocks cute girlfriend! I was so in love!

WP_003444 WP_003445

I was exhausted when we got home and probably had way too much turkey!

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