After waking with a much better mind set, it was time for date night!

I did the girlie things such as nail polish, makeup, and jewelry and awaited the arrival of my date.


Right before Barry drove up to the house, the storm hit and it started pouring!

My date arrived in uniform (he likes to show it off). I lucked out with a dress I found at Kmart for $15!! Score!


The other day, Barry suggested we make reservations at a nice restaurant and go out for dinner. After some googling, we came across Valanni. And after seeing the Brussels sprouts on the menu, I was sold!

After being picked up, we battled the rain to arrive at our destination. (FYI: Valanni does not have a parking lot, so street or lot is the best bet). We almost missed the place! It looks like small cafe from the outside, but upon entering we were greeted by a smiling hostess and a rather chic looking room.


Funny fact: Barry said it was nicest bathroom he ever used. “I think that bathroom costs more than my house!” is actually how he described it!

We began our meal with Lobster & Crab Mac & Cheese and the Crispy Brussel Sprouts. The mac was “too die for,” says Barry! I must admit, I am always paranoid about getting mac and cheese from a restaurant, but I needed to try this, and oh my gosh, it was delicious! The three cheese blend made it creamy and thick, and there were chunks of crab  and lobster evenly and heavy distributed within. The sprouts were not what I had expected. When I roast them, I typically cut them in half and roast, but you can tell time went into this dish. The brussel sprout leaves were individually separated, coated with balsamic, and roasted. The leave are served in a bowl, sprinkled with chopped almonds and cubes of granny smith apples! The flavor combination of tart and savory was a definite winner! I can’t wait to try my hand at this!

WP_002780 WP_002781

We decided, since everything sounded amazing, to opt for a tapas- style meal. We then ordered the Seared Pork Tenderloin and the “Fiery” Potatoes. The pork was the epitome of the word “tender!” It was cooked to juice perfection and topped with a delicious mango relish, that complimented the savory seasoning on the meat. The potatoes were not as impressive as we had hoped, though still tasty. The potatoes, I believe, were coated in paprika and deep fried. I looked forward to the chipotle-horseradish aioli, the most in this dish. We wished it was hotter, spice wise.


Deciding on the dishes to try was difficult. After Barry’s  first bite of our second course, he suggested coming back once a month for a date night until we tried everything on the menu! HAHA Deal!

Cool part of the night: Barry had ordered a Yuengling. The waiter told us that the gentleman in the pink shirt at the bar had bought it for him. (This restaurant is located in the an area of South Philly known as the Gayborhood. After commenting on how Barry was lucky hes cute and can get free drinks, the gentleman left the bar section, shook Barry’s hand and thanked him for serving in the military! What an awesome story!)

Yay! Date Night! Stay tuned for our next adventure at Valanni!WP_002790

Check out the dessert menu! Oh my gosh, someone hide that bread pudding because it sounds so heavenly, I might not share it with Barry!

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