Graduation Season

Graduation season is such an exciting time! Its the ending of one chapter, and the beginning of a new chapter of your life! It gives us an excuse to reunite with old friends and family, reminisce and eat some serious chow!

This past weekend, I celebrated the graduation of two of my closest friends: Maggie and Quinn. They are brother and sister. Maggie graduated from college, and Quinn from high school!

WP_002527 WP_002528

WP_002517I’m pretty amused that I don’t look clothed in these pictures, but that would be false! I actually felt very cute when I arrived at the party!

Their family is like my family. They are the closest, non-blood related people to me. In fact, I call their parents “mom” and “dad.” Anyway, wherever mama is, excellent food is sure to follow! But the real kicker of this party was the dessert table! Oh help me! One person brought a white chocolate coated pretzel, peanut, and chex mixture that reminded me an awful lot of the Fresh Market’s White Chocolate Crunch! Addicting! And the cookies! And the Carrot Cake! Somebody stop me! I pretty much lived near this table.


The one healthy thing that I seriously snacked on was the white corn salsa! It was delicious and refreshing! I got the recipe to use at my grad party at the end of the month, and will share it with you then.


I’m getting my first taste of the military, as Barry will be away for the next three weeks doing some training and drills. He was able to come home Saturday and stop by the party. And he was in uniform! He met my extended family and grabbed a bite and a drink before heading back to his house for the night.

I stayed at Maggie’s house for the night, as did many of my intoxicated friends. (Drinking and driving is strictly prohibited!) We stayed up late, as always! I began feeling mass anxiety about the over indulgence of sweet treats! I guzzled water and used my friends and text my parents for support.

The next morning, I helped the family make breakfast! It was quite a feast! Eggs, sausage, bacon, danishes, stuffed croissants from Jersey, fruit salad!

WP_002533 WP_002534


Thats a big bowl of eggs!

I really filled up on the fruit salad since I knew we would be away for a while. We then packed up the minivan and drove Quinn down to his Senior Week house in Dewey Beach.


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