Steaks and Lead Vests

WP_002052A great way to be welcomed home! Dad picked me up from the airport Sunday evening and we headed over to Genos for a steak! I figures this was my welcome home and my last food splurge of vacation. You’ve probably heard of Pats Steaks in South Philly. Well, Genos is across the street. There’s a local argument between steak lovers as to who has the better steak. I personally love Genos! Pats is a bit to greasy for me and not enough flavor. The only advantage Pats has over Genos is the mushrooms. If Genos had mushrooms… Woah baby, watch out!
(FYI: “1 wit with wiz” is how its ordered. Trust me, I’ve messed that up plenty of times and its embarrassing.)


Monday began with my last week in a medical- surgical rotation at the hospital. I must say, I kicked serious behind this week! I really took charge. It helped that my patient was awesome, despite the hand she had been dealt. On Tuesday, I got to head to Interventional Radiology and watch a tunneled double lumen catheter placed. I looked pretty shnazzy, huh?

WP_002055 (1)

This ensemble wouldn’t be complete without the cheetah print lead vest!


Despite my desire to return to normal eating this week, I found myself utterly addicted to Robin Eggs. I’ve never like malted milk balls but for some reason, with a bit if chunky peanut butter, these are hitting the spit! Nonetheless, I have given myself tummy aches the last two days from over eating. 😦

Tuesday was my last day of med- surg rotation. To celebrate, Nikole and Tommy and I met my dad at a locale hit spot for our school for celebratory drinks. Sangria on the rocks for me, frozen sangria for Nikole, and Corona Light for the guys. Of course this was accompanied by chips and salsa. I also ordered a platter of catfish etouffe. Yum!


Im hoping things improve,food-wise, this week. In the meantime, I have a ton of work to catch up on and two exams to study for!

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