Hallmark Awards Gala

After a brief 15 minute attempt for a power nap, I hopped in the shower, and headed off to the Hallmark Awards Gala!
Phi Theta Kappa operates off a platform based on four hallmarks: scholarship, leadership, fellowship, and service. These awards honor advisors, students, and teams for their hard work.

The Middle States Region walked away with the following awards:WP_001913

  • Distinguished Chapter Officer Team
  • Distinguished Chapter Officer
  • Paragon Award for New Advisor
  • Continued Excellence Advisor
  • 3 Distinguished Honors in Action Projects
  • 2 Distinguished Chapter Awards
  • 5 chapters recognized in the Top 100 Chapters

In addition to the awards win the other night: Distinguished College Project to my chapter and the Regional Milestone Award!
Plus one of my advisors, the former middle states alumni chair, and direct middle states coordinator was honored!

My friend, Jesus, was elected Division I International Vice President! I;m so proud of him!


In past years, we have done sooooo much better, but like we have discussed all week at this convention: do not look at things as failures, look at them as opportunities to learn, and focus on the things that were done correctly and with passion.

Following the awards gala, is a complementary, catered dinner. I was hoping my stomach was felling better by this time. I was invited to join the prestigous alumni and the Executive Director for dinner to honor my advisor, Pattie.


Our meal began with a small spring salad with almonds, cherry tomatoes, and mandarin oranges with a raspberry dressing, accompanied by  glass of Cabernet.

WP_002007 WP_002004

This was followed by chicken over polenta, wish squash, scallions, and broccolini. I wish there were more veggies, but the meal was delicious!


The meal was completed with chocolate mousse and coffee.

WP_002011 WP_002015

One of my favorite events of the evening is, of course, the Farewell Dance at the end of the night! Let me tell ya… I can’t boogie ooggie ooggie till I just can’t boogie no more!


With my crew of friends, its always a great time! I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like to, so when we get together, we REALLY live it up! I also love all of the people from all over the world that you meet at these conventions. By the time you’re heading home, you have 30 new friend requests on Facebook.

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