My belly was feeling much better after a rough night of tossing and turning.

I heard on the news that it was going to snow. (Fingers crossed schools would be closed.) No such like. But by the time I got to the hospital the snow was coming down! School wound up closing at 12 but clinical operate on a separate schedule. We didn’t get to leave until about 2:20pm. We didn’t get lunch so I was pretty hungry despite the graham crackers I snacked on mid-morning.


view leaving the hospital

The roads were pretty dangerous, and yet people still insist on speeding and cutting people off. Silly drivers…

Since my brother had off from school today, mom made blueberry pancakes. When i got home, I finally got my pancake fix. I got a little cocky, being able to hold this and some apple down, and then split a can of Progresso Light Beef Pot Roast Soup with Mom.


with some goldfish

Weird combo… pancakes and soup…

Now who’s the silly one? Ugh so full!

Speaking of being silly… Let me just mention how weird Bunny and Beauty are acting today. Since I’ve been home they have been in and out of the house and when they are in the house they following me around everywhere I go. According to mom, they’ve been doing this all day. Even when I was doing some stretches on the floor, I opened my ears to see Beauty’s nose in my eye! HAHA! Is it a full moon or does slushy snow fall do this to everyone?

I totally rocked my IV push medication today, which I was freaking out about! It was a great learning experience and I think I will be much more comfortable next time around!

I spent the night with this full tummy catching up on last weeks episode of Glee (one of my guilty pleasures). Ironically, this episode was called “Guilty Pleasures.”


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