New Favorite Yogurt

This morning began with a filling shake:WP_001596

1 Tbsp raw crunchy Almond butter

2 scoop Chocolate Metabolife

1/4 tsp almond extract

1/2 tsp coconute extract

1 Tbsp shredded coconut

a handful of spinach

1/8 tsp xanthum


I intended this to be a sort of Almond Joy shake, but it did not taste much like an almond joy…

I scurried off to a study group for a bit then hit the gym. I had no motivation, plus I had been nursing a stomach ache since last night. Wanting some cardio, and yet still not wanting to be at the gym at all, I alternated running and crunches:

1-5 minutes       8.0 incline          4.0 speed

5-10minutes      1.0 incline          6.5 speed

crunches and lower back extentions

then repeat three times

I wasn’t enthused by my workout, but its better than nothing.

Arriving at work for night shift, I was greeted by a pizza… oh boy… a small slice was my fix. My main meal was a plum, Muir Glen Savory Lentil Soup, and Kashi Honey Almond Flax Bar later.


The highlight of food today, was, by far, my new favorite yogurt! Yesterday, my friends Barbara was eating Chobani Pear greek yogurt. I had never seen it before. Afterfinding out where to get it, I swung by ShopRite on my way home, and viola, Pear Chobani and chia seeds! Oh goodness! It was spectacular! I loved the actual peices of pear in this yogurt and the texture the combination of fruit and chia gave this protein boost snack!


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