Crazy Herbal Concoctions

So I’ve read a decent amount of articles regarding immunity and what to drink when you have a cold and so on. Every family has their own family remedies… “ancient Chinese secret,” “old Polish remedy,” “Irish shenanigans…” Here are a few my family utilizes:

for fever: a slice of onion in the bottom of your white socksWP_001506

(I don’t know how this draws out a fever, but okay…)

any cold: hot tea with a shot of whiskey

(I don’t know how this helps, but a get a decent buzz…)

Today I tried a cold relief tea that I read about:

Hot lemon tea, raw honey, and cayenne pepper… SPICY!

Does your family have any remedies?

This morning began with a shake. I was excited fr some Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Shake, but it didn’t taste much like Cookie Dough, and beleive me… I KNOW cookie dough! WP_001504

The rest of the day was soup central! When we are sick, Mrs. Grass soup gets whipped out every time! I basically gave Beauty the noodles and kept the broth to myself. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been amused by this ball included in the box. I pulled this out and all I culd sing was “I’ve got the golden nugget!” (in the Willy Wonka tune)…


Dad came over a bit later baring gifts… Hot and Sour soup! YUM!

I had such a rough time getting with the program today. I have soo much work to finish! I barely left the bed today…

Now, for some NyQuil and shut-eye.


school books: day quil, hot tea, shake, tissues

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