Soy Nut Butter

This morning had a sleepy start, resulting in me forgetting to take my medication before I left for clinical and, oh yeah, my wallet! Thank God I didn’t get pulled over!

My dad is the best and, on his way, to work, brought me my meds and my wallet!

Despite this mornings chilly 30 degree morning, I prepared a shake to get my day started, inspired by Harry and David’s Chocolate covered Pears! (maybe next time I’ll add some caramel!)

1/2 frozen pear,WP_001395

2 scoop Vanilla Herbalife,

1 Tbsp sugar free White Chocolate Pudding mix


This was very filling and I wasn’t hungry for long while! I think it had to do with the natural fiber packed inside the pear.


I was absolutely exhausted by the time clinical was over and had absolutely no motivation to workout. I headed home, and while listening to my growling stomach, whipped up an early dinner.

It was very green! A ton of spinach in egg whites,  topped with fat free shredded mozzarella. I ate it with a slice of marble rye and hot hot sauce!

Eating has been getting better, aside from the fact that I downed a whole bag of chex mix last night. I’ve been pretty bummed about it, though. That, combine with my exhaustion, just equaled laziness, today. So lazy, that I only had three goals for the day: take a shower, watch lectures, go to sleep.

I’ve felt bloated all day today, but tell that to my stomach! Snacks were in the form of rice cakes, nutella and soynut butter.

So here the down low on the Soy Nut Butter: I just can’t do it. Unless nutella is somehow involved to mask the taste of the soynut butter, its just not happening… I can’t really describe the flavor, either, but I’m just not digging it. I’m going to give it a shot in some oatmeal Thursday morning, so I’ll let you know how that goes.

I have another long Tuesday ahead of me tomorrow, so I wanted to be prepared. I took a shower tonight, then prepared ALL my meals for tomorrow! In fact, I planned my entire day, work out and all!

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