Better Day

Today, I woke up starting new. I headed off to a bust day at clinical. Wow! I kept busy! Today was trach change day: scary! I did so much today: suctioning, meds, g-tubes… It was awesome!

Breakfast on the go was a Fiber-One Oats and Caramel! So sweet and chewy!

I was craving caffeine today. I actually wound up drinking like 3 cups of coffee!

When clinical was over, I headed to campus to complete a workout! I was excited for this one:

I began with 5 minutes on the elliptical, cycling backwards, then went into a short spurt of strength

I then completed Julie’s Incline Walking Workout. I was out of breath at the beginning, but as soon as I got to 6 minutes, I could feel the sweat.

I repeated the strength and then finished with another 5 minutes of backward elliptical at 11 resistance.

After a shower, I headed to the mall to exchange those dresses that I was spazzing out about the other day. I have never been more focused during shopping. I grabbed every black dress on the racks! and success! Not only did I find a dress for Thursday, but also a dress for the show I’m in, 2 belts for my black dress, a matching headband, and a blazer! I love the discount rack!

Dinner was so improvised! While at the store, I saw a box of instant miso soup. Next thing you know, I got a cup of hot water and I was sipping on soup in the car.

Then I headed to practice, and home I went. I can’t wait to hit the sack because tomorrows another long day!



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