Surprising Snow

Yesterday was such a great day and I wanted today to be just as good. I woke up early this morning to get to the hospital to gather information on my patients for tomorrow.  This is what I was greeted with this morning:



And when I left work?

More Snow!

More Snow!

I spent a couple hours gathering information, I headed home and whipped up a shake.

thick n creamy

thick n creamy

I threw in some kale, frozen strawberries, ice, chocolate protein powder, and Stonyfield Chocolate greek yogurt.

I really needed something crunchy this morning, so I ate ate some dry Special K Vanilla Almond cereal on the side.

I have work until 2300, tonight and then its up early Monday morning for clinical. I’m going to be so sleepy! Idid not have time to work out today though because I still needed to do my paperwork for tomorrow.

Apparently, the census at work dropped because I got a call asking if I wanted to take a cancel.. No Way Jose! I’m glad I came in though, because although we did not have aton of kids, I certainly kept busy… And I got another perfect stick! Woo Hoo!

Today was another good eating day! I’m liking this . Two days in row? Heck, I KNOW I’ll make it three, then four, and so on.

I almost got carried away with these and some PB

I almost got carried away with these and some PB

Have a great night!

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