Busy Night

Work was busy last night and I got to see some more nurses who I haven’t seen in a while.

I had never eaten polenta before, but the seasoning and veggies of the marinara sauce in Amy’s Roasted Polenta and Swiss Chard were really complimented with the greens! It was a low cal meal (the TV dinner is only 140cal) but filling.

Of course, I needed my chocolate fix after driving home in this mess of fog…

So the mini Gnu Chocolate Brownie is was, along with a bit of a fuji apple I had left over from earlier in the day, and a handful of Unreal Candy Coated Chocolates with Peanuts. A teaspoon of sunflower seed butter was among the gnom-sesh ingredients, as well.

Gnu is one of my favorite brands of bars! Why you ask? Because it delicious and straight up FIBER! Gnu recently released mini bars of three flavors, so I got chocolate brownie and cinnamon raisin: both spectacular! If you’ve never tried a Gnu bar, you’re missing out!

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