New Site! New Dealings!

I’m relatively new to the blog world. I started following HungryGirl over a year ago and in the past two months, I’ve faithfully followed Julie of and Katie of
The other day I thought to myself, “I’d like to share with the world, too!” and thus the creation of BeWellBundo!

BeWellBundo began as my email address for my Herbalife sales, but its the perfect title to this blog!

I guess I’ll begin with the main reason I created this: I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with food! If I wasn’t a nurse, I’d have gone to culinary school. But I did not know how to control my love of food… and the 234lb me was born. I got fed up and began researching and creating meals and work out plans to better my lifestyle…. SUCCESS! The weight was coming off.

Like most women, I hit that plateau and got frustrated. It was time to up my game… I worked out longer and harder, was more selective of the foods I ate, and how much of them I ate and before I knew it, like the blink of an eye, I could not get myself to eat more than 150 calories a day!

Although I finally loved myself, life took a spiral… I lost energy, motivation, laughter, and I almost lost my job. Forced into treatment, I did further research finding alternative foods and ways that would allow me gain back some weight, keep me full, and not completely throw me into a mental breakdown.

I am hoping that this blog acts a way to keep me focused on my health, and share with you some of my favorite blogs, recipes, and products!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back!


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