Holy Receipts! (Jan 11, 2013)

So I spent this miserably rainy day trying to finish up a few things before I go back to work and school. Today’s task that took the longest was balancing my check book, which I had not done since before Thanksgiving…

I was really proud of my eating habits today. I ate like a normal person: not too much, not too little, and I didn’t over think it!

For lunch I made homemade granola, which I used to top this new greek yogurt that I picked up at Shop Rite by maia. The flavor “pomegrante-cherry” sounded really yummy! There wasn’t as much fruity flavor as I had hoped. I’d like to try the pineapple on my next shopping visit.

Since I had some leftover soup in the fridge and wanted something to warm my insides, Progresso’s Italian style meatball soup was the dinner winner. Not too shabby.

The rest of the night was topped with some muddy buddies by chex mix (love that stuff)!

I hit the RedBox to get “Ted” since my mom had never seen it, but they were out, so “Hope Springs” it was.

Hope you have a wonderful night and we’ll chat in the morning.

P.S. Did I mention, I can’t wait to begin the crock pot challenge? Ideas are just swarming my mind!!!

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