Crock Pot Challenge (Jan 11, 2013)

After yesterday I woke up in the mood to go for a run. Unfortunately, its raining outside and I’m not in the mood to catch pneumonia.
I was really in the mood for oatmeal this morning and being hungry and too lazy I just used instant. I was excited to try Better Oats Blueberry muffin oatmeal, that I bought… I “thought” I bought…
Decided to try the new sugarfree apple cinnamon oatmeal. I sliced up some apple and topped the oatmeal with some roughly chopped walnuts… not too shabby.

In my attempt to  keep busy today, I’ve been on a cleaning spree.

Anyway… now its time to address todays title, “Crock Pot Challenge.”

Like most busy people, Julie loves the ease, creativity, and savoriness of a crock pot recipe. This is why she has put out a crock pot challenge. The goal is to try 10 new crock pot recipes by the end of February. On March 4th, I will be posting a link with the recipes I try on her page. Its basically a big crock pot exchange!

If you’d like to participate, and I hope you do… post your recipes or link to your recipe in the comments of this post!

Recipes to come!

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